Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 25, 2023

Humboldt State Park Road Closure

from Humboldt State Park

The park is partially open.  This includes the Burlington Campground as well as day-use areas along the Avenue of the Giants.  Currently, there is a closure in effect due to ground subsidence on the Mattole Rd., 1.5 miles west of the juncture with Highway 101. There is no known date when the road will reopen. Engineers and geologists will be assessing the landslide this week to make a determination about next steps. The Park areas west of the closure, including trails and the Albee Creek and Cuneo Creek campgrounds, are closed to the public. This website will be updated as the road and/or other areas of the park are slated to reopen. Due to the recent storms across Northern California, many parks remain fully or partially closed. For a full list of park closures, visit

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