Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 6, 2023

Academy scientists describe 146 new species in 2022

from California Academy of Sciences

In 2022, researchers at the California Academy of Sciences added 146 new animal, plant, and fungi species to the tree of life, enriching our understanding of Earth’s biodiversity and strengthening our ability to regenerate the natural world. The new species include 44 lizards, 30 ants, 14 sea slugs, 14 flowering plants, 13 sea stars, seven fishes, four beetles, four sharks, three moths, three worms, two scorpions, two spiders, two lichens, one toad, one clam, one aphid, and one sea biscuit. More than a dozen Academy scientists—along with several dozen international collaborators—described the new-to-science species.

Read more at  Academy scientists describe 146 new species in 2022 | California Academy of Sciences

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