Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 22, 2022

Feeding Winter Birds

from Wild Birds Unlimited

Winter is the busiest time of year at birdfeeders. Why?

  • Migration: we get more insect-eating birds in the summer (orioles, flycatchers, etc.) and more seed-eating birds in the winter (sparrows, siskins).
  • Food scarcity: natural food is more abundant in spring and summer.
  • Short days & cool temperatures: birds use more energy to maintain their body temperature and need to take in those calories during a shorter number of daylight hours.
  • Flocking: many birds split up into pairs and defend separate territories during the nesting season. In fall, they form groups to descend upon your feeders en masse.

Attracting Winter Birds: It’s cold, it’s wet, and the birds are changing – how should you adjust your feeding routine? Get some tips in our Feeding Birds in Winter.

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