Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 21, 2022

Right Whale Condemned to Extinction in Senate Omnibus 

Center For Biological Diversity News Release

Unprecedented Poison-Pill Rider Lets U.S. Lobster Fishery Drive Whale Extinct

WASHINGTON— With no process or accountability, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Appropriations Chair Patrick Leahy inserted an unprecedented right whale policy rider into the omnibus funding budget released today. Schumer’s measure gives the U.S. lobster fishery six years to delay necessary actions to prevent fishing gear from entangling and killing critically endangered North Atlantic right whales.

With a declining population of 340 individuals and 70 breeding females, the North Atlantic right whale will almost certainly be on an irreversible extinction trajectory if U.S. lobster fisheries are allowed to avoid key conservation measures.

Read more at  Right Whale Condemned to Extinction in Senate Omnibus – Center for Biological Diversity

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