Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 14, 2022

The Health Benefits of Bird-Watching

The New York Times reports

Spending time outdoors with a pair of binoculars is good for your body and soul. The upcoming Audubon Christmas Bird Count is the perfect excuse to start.

It’s no secret that spending time in nature is good for your mind. Studies show that even a stroll through a city park decreases stress, sharpens concentration and improves long-term mental health outcomes.

A few studies suggest there might be something especially healthy about birds in particular. One, published in October, found that just being near bird song improved mental well-being.

Starting on Dec. 14, bird-watchers across the country will begin the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, a 123-year-old tradition where people gather and help to catalog species in their area. Novices and serious birders alike walk through parks, forests and fields, looking for birds and listening for bird song;

Read article at The Health Benefits of Bird-Watching – The New York Times

Contact your local Audubon to participate in this year’s Christmas Bird Count. Beginners are welcome. To find your local chapter go to

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