Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 22, 2022

Job Openings: Missouri Botanical Garden

As part of its new strategic initiative in science and conservation, the Missouri Botanical Garden, in Saint Louis, Missouri USA, is conducting a cluster hire for 8 scientists, curators, and department heads. These include: * Restoration Scientist * Biodiversity Data Curator * Vascular Plant Curator, Asia * Vascular Plant Curator Latin America * Director, Latin America Botany Program * Director, Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development * Director, Plant Systematics * Director, Africa & Madagascar The full list of positions is here: 
The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the world’s leading botanical gardens with ~50 Ph.D.-level scientists and curators engaged in systematics, taxonomy, floristics, theoretical ecology, and conservation. The Garden spearheads or is intimately involved in a number of global, regional, and local initiatives such as the World Flora Online, the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, and development of TROPICOS, the largest primary plant collections database in the world. Active science and conservation programs include sustained on-the-ground work in Madagascar and eastern Africa, Latin America, and the United States. The Garden’s science and conservation program is over 150 years old and is built upon one of the world’s largest herbaria (>7M specimens).The Missouri Botanical Garden has a number of job openings including

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