Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 8, 2022

Marin County Bans Sale of Tropical Milkweed

The West Marin Environmental Action Committee reports

Now, thanks to the advocacy of the Marin Monarch Working Group, the County of Marin announced a ban of the sale of tropical milkweed at all nurseries effective August 24th! Nurseries in Marin will be required to only sell native milkweed varieties including narrowleaf and showy milkweed.

This is an important step to support the western monarch butterfly in Marin County. Native milkweeds are adapted to the life-cycle and rhythm of the butterflies migration as it becomes dormant in the fall. This is a natural signal for the butterfly to make its winter migration to the coast.

Read article at Marin Bans Sale of Tropical Milkweed! — EAC

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