Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 19, 2022

World Photography Day & Photo Contest

World Photo Day is on August 19 and it celebrates the day when the French government purchased the patent for the daguerreotype process. The daguerreotype process is a photographic process that creates highly detailed images on a sheet of copper plate with a thin coat of silver. The day requires participants to share a photo of their world, which can be anything the photographer chooses. The definition of photography is quite literally “drawing the light” and British scientist Sir John Herschel came up with it in 1839. He used the Greek word phōtós, which means “light” and graphê which means “drawing or writing.

For World Photography Day Flickr has a photo contest. To learn about it and enter go to Join the World Photography Day 2022 photo contest!Join the World Photography Day 2022 photo contest!

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