Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 18, 2022

Joshua Tree National Park Road Closures

from Joshua Tree National Park
Due to flash flood damage to the roads, the following areas are temporarily closed:
-Pinto Basin Road from the Southern Boundary to Ocotillo Patch
-Cottonwood Campground and Visitor Center
-Geology Tour Road from the northern gate to Berdoo Canyon
-Big Horn Pass Road complex

All facilities and paved roads in the northern portion of the park are still open. If visiting the park, please drive cautiously and keep an eye out for debris and wildlife, like tortoises, drinking from puddles in the road. 🐢
Our road crews are working hard to assess the damage and repair the roadways. Up-to-date closure information can be found on our website.
During the past few weeks, the park has received multiple localized monsoon rainstorms. Always check the weather forecast before entering the park. If you encounter flash flooding on the road, turn around and don’t drown!

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