Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 17, 2022

Fall is planting season

                            from the California Native Plants Society
Fall is planting season — meaning NOW is the time to ditch your lawn and design your native plant garden 🌱

‘Bloom! California’ is your hub to discover bold, beautiful native plants for every style and space along with care tips, garden inspiration, and where to shop.
Together, we can #BloomCalifornia for a bright tomorrow
from Calscape California Native Plant Gardening Guide
The Nature Restoration Approach Calscape is focused on helping Californians restore nature one garden at a time. We believe that nature is the most beautiful and environmentally responsible model for landscaping in California. And even more importantly, we believe that homeowners restoring nature in their gardens can slow and one day even reverse the loss of biodiversity being caused by rampant development in California. This guide is meant to give native plant gardeners and other small-scale nature restorers the information they’ll need to do that by mimicking nature in their plant selection, irrigation, mulching, weed control and pest control practices.
Check out this very helpful California Native Plant resources at Calscape

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