Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 26, 2022

Supreme Court aborts its credibility

Many environmental and conservation groups are speaking out about the recent Supreme Court Decision. Here is one I thought represents what many people are feeling today.

Western Environmental Law Center News Release

Today’s Supreme Court decision eliminating a woman’s constitutional right to safe, legal abortions lays bare the court’s conservative perspective and eliminates 50 years of freedom for American women and non-binary people to choose what happens to their own bodies. About half of states will now functionally ban abortion, many even in cases of medical necessity.“

The brutal, dismissive language this decision uses to describe women, our bodies, and our inalienable right to decide what happens with our corporeal sovereignty is the stuff of nightmares,” said Susan Jane Brown, Wildlands and Wildlife Program director at the Western Environmental Law Center. “The fallout from this decision will be predominantly borne by disadvantaged Black and Brown women. That inequity makes me even more angry.”

Gallup polling shows Americans’ support for legal abortion under all or certain circumstances at 80% in May 2021. That the vast majority of Americans support a woman’s right to choose underscores the disparity between the court’s ruling and the sentiment of the vast majority of the country.

Read more  Supreme Court aborts its credibility – Western Environmental Law Center

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