Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 23, 2022

Tioga Road construction updates!

from Yosemite National Park

 If you are planning on visiting Tuolumne Meadows or driving the Tioga Road, be prepared for road work. Expect delays, and in some places you’ll be driving on a dirt road. Be aware that not all parking areas are open.
⏰ Expect 30–60-minute delays. While waiting for the pilot car, don’t venture too far from your vehicle.
⚠️ Sections of roadway east of the Sunrise Lakes Trailhead are unpaved.
The following parking areas are open:
✅ Visitor Center Parking. The western portion is specifically for Cathedral Lakes and Glen Aulin hikers.
✅ Wilderness Center Parking. This parking is for wilderness users only.
✅ Dog Lake Parking. This parking area is the best for those hiking to Lembert Dome, Dog Lake, Young Lakes, Lyell Canyon, John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails, Twin Bridges, and for Elizabeth Lake.
✅ Tuolumne Meadows Store. This parking is for shoppers only.
The following parking areas are closed:
🛑 No parking along Tioga Road within the pilot car area.
🛑 Lembert Dome parking area.
🛑 Soda Springs Road.
Pack your patience and plan ahead if visiting the high country this summer. Be prepared for changing road and parking conditions in the Tenaya Lake and Tuolumne Meadows area.

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