Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 10, 2022

“Forest microbiomes and climate change: Microbial communities as mediators of forest health” 5/12/22

from the California Botanical Society

Underground microbial communities are fundamental to life on Earth. Quietly below the forest floor, these microbial communities act as ecosystem engineers, controlling nutrient availability and carbon storage in forests. What is more, plants are never found in nature without their microbiomes and these communities can play critical roles in plant physiology and function. Just as human microbiomes have revolutionized our understanding of human health, forest microbiomes represent a critical axis of forest health, especially in a changing climate. In this talk, Dr. Claire Willing will highlight some of her research investigating how these cryptic forest microbiomes are impacted by global change and what shifts in forest microbiome communities could mean for forests in a changing climate.
Join us this Thursday May 12th, 2022  7-8 pm PTZ

Talk Zoom link:

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