Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 20, 2022

Audubon Events for Earth Day 2022

Earth Day, on April 22, is a special day to join the global community in committing to meaningful environmental action and taking a moment to rejoice in nature.

This year’s official Earth Day theme is Invest in Our Planet, and Audubon programs at the national, state, and local levels are holding events that demonstrate all of the ways we can invest our time, resources, and passion for birds and the environment into creating a better future for us all.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate by getting outside or in the comfort of home, here are some upcoming events from the Audubon community.

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  1. An editorial a local newspaper (The Surrey Now-Leader) printed was titled “Earth Day in need of a facelift”. It opined that “some people would argue that [the day of environmental action] … is an anachronism,” that it should instead be a day of recognizing what we’ve societally accomplished. “And while it [has] served us well, in 2017, do we really need Earth Day anymore?”

    Varied lengths of the same editorial, unfortunately, was also run by some sister newspapers, all owned by the same news-media mogul who also happens to be an aspiring oil refiner.

    I had previously never heard anyone, let alone a mainstream news outlet, suggest we’re doing so well as to render Earth Day an unnecessary “anachronism”. Considering the sorry state of the planet’s natural environment, I still find it one of the most absurd and irresponsible acts of editorial journalism I’ve witnessed in my 3.5 decades of news consumption.


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