Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 26, 2022

Brickyard Cove Is Finally Open

from Brickyard Cove Open | East Bay Parks

Brickyard Cove at McLaughlin Eastshore State Park is now open with new parking, bike racks, picnic tables, restrooms, water fountains, interpretive signage, walking paths, and bike connection to the San Francisco Bay Trail. Brickyard Cove provides magnificent views of the entire San Francisco Bay and skyline. Public access at Brickyard Cove is the result of a decades-long community effort by citizens and public agencies to protect the Bay shoreline from development and reclaim it for public use.

Brickyard Cove is one of many recent investments at McLaughlin Eastshore State Park over the past few years, including public access improvements at Albany Beach, trail improvements along the Albany Neck, and a 1-mile Bay Trail extension behind Golden Gate Fields. McLaughlin Eastshore State Park extends 8.5 miles along the bay shoreline from the Bay Bridge to Richmond and includes 1,833 acres of upland and tidelands habitat.

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