Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 28, 2022

Show Your Support For Ukraine -Post Their National Flower

Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine.Posting them all over social media in support of the Ukrainian people…cover the world in Sunflowers.

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If you post a sunflower photo add a link in the comment section and post in your social media accounts.



  1. There was a video of a Ukrainian woman giving packets of sunflowers to the invading Russian troops. Thought that was kind of a strange gesture. That is, until she told the soldier that she was doing it so that sunflowers would sprout up wherever a Russian soldier died! Don’t cross a babushka!

    Being Ukrainian you’d think that I’d be all for this. My ancestors did the right thing and left the Ukraine before it’s short-lived independence back in 1921.
    The Ukrainian government’s decision to join NATO was tantamount to committing national suicide.

    After losing the Crimea and effective control of parts of two eastern oblasts adjacent to Russia, you think that they would have gotten the hint. There’s one thing to having the right to do something. And then, there’s the real politic consequences of such actions.

    I personally despise all of this “show your support” for the Ukraine nonsense. If you’re not going to engage Russia militarily, then STFU. The West is going to support the Ukrainians to lthe life of the last Ukrainian soldier. The West should have tried to broker some sort of neutral Ukraine compromise.

    That’s not saying that Russia isn’t the ultimate reason that this disaster is unfolding. But get real here. Russia’s been invaded from the west twice during two world wars with disastrous results to their people. They may have endured the minor threat of the Baltic states joining NATO. But, the Ukraine?


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