Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 14, 2022

Job Opening: Habitat Restoration Nursery Fellow – Save The Bay 

Position Details:
Save The Bay’s Habitat Restoration Nursery Fellowship provides valuable exposure to skills in native plant nursery management and restoration ecology. The Habitat Restoration Nursery Fellow primarily works in our native plant nurseries, gaining experience in propagating transition zone native species, seed and division collection, and integrated pest management. They also assist the Habitat Restoration Team at our restoration sites around the bay with invasive removal, monitoring, and outplanting.
Job Responsibilities:

  • Support the Nursery Manager in plant propagation tasks at Save The Bay’s 5 propagation sites (Palo Alto, San Lorenzo, Novato, Menlo Park, and Oakland), including seed sowing, transplanting, divisions, pruning, and culling.
  • Assist in nursery maintenance projects, including, but not limited to, construction, irrigation, weeding, and organization.
  • Participate in seed collection.
  • Join staff-only workdays. Projects include: site maintenance, outplanting, native seed and division collection, invasive species removal, and monitoring.
  • Assist Nursery Manager with our community-based volunteer programs at our restoration sites and native plant nurseries (dependent on Covid-19 restrictions).
  • Clean and weigh seed collections and update seed collection inventory
  • Data entry on seed collections and propagation tasks

Learn more about the postion and how to appy at Habitat Restoration Nursery Fellow – Save The Bay – CNPS Forums

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