Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 2, 2022

Feeling Hopeless About the Climate? Try Our 30-Day Action Plan

The Revelatory reports

Doing something every day will help to change your attitude and create momentum for change.

A recent poll found that people today, especially younger people, feel helpless when it comes to fighting climate change.

Here’s the thing: That’s exactly how polluting corporations want you to feel. The more people believe their actions don’t matter, the more they find themselves rolling over and accepting the status quo.

Yes, solving the climate crisis requires bold action from governments and corporations, but that doesn’t mean individuals have to sit on the sidelines. Not only do our actions add up and influence others, we also have the ability to push for — and demand — systemic change.

Read more at  Feeling Hopeless About the Climate? Try Our 30-Day Action Plan • The Revelator

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