Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 23, 2021

Local Coho Salmon Numbers Are Looking Good

Pt. Reyes National Seashore reports
A holiday treat for all of us! Coho salmon numbers in local creeks are looking good this year! With all the rain we’ve got (and more to come!) the coho are having a great spawning season so far. Along Olema Creek, NPS biologists have already counted over 50 coho and 16 redds.
Redds are nests dug by a female by making rapid movements of her tail which dislodges the gravel. She makes a depression that is about as deep and as long as her body. Eggs and sperm are released into this redd where they will get buried by the gravel that she dislodges by digging upstream. She can release 1500 or more eggs in each redd.
Check out the video to see a few males fighting for their chance to spawn.
If you would like to see spawning coho, please check out our website to see local viewing areas:
You can also learn more about the coho monitoring program:
NPS video description: three large male fish trying to swim upstream and pushing each other out of the way.


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