Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 14, 2021

California Beekeepers Triumph Against Deadly Pesticide

Earthjustice reports

A California judge granted a reprieve to bees in California on Dec. 3 by ruling that approval of the pesticide sulfoxaflor violated state environmental law. Earthjustice represented beekeepers in court against the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. The ruling comes just in time to protect bees pollinating California’s almond crop.

The decision is welcome news not just for bees and other pollinators such as monarch butterflies that are harmed by sulfoxaflor, but for agriculture, our food security, and the wider ecosystems upon which we all depend. Earthjustice fights to sustain the biodiversity necessary for our planet to flourish, and this win is a step in the right direction.

Read more at California Beekeepers Triumph Against Deadly Pesticide | Earthjustice


  1. Thank you for posting important information. I appreciate your work very much.


  2. Thank you for continuing to post important information. I appreciate your work very much!


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