Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 6, 2021

Audio Bird Monitoring – Zoom Presentation 2/9/21

from Pepperwood Preserve

Soundscapes to Landscapes – Audio Bird Monitoring – Zoom Presentation 2/9/21

Thursday, December 9  10:00 am – 11:30 am  Cost: Free

The earth’s biodiversity and associated ecosystem services are in a severe state of decline due to human pressure. However, our knowledge of these changes and impacts on human society is often incomplete. Join us to learn how Soundscapes to Landscapes is using a combination of multiple technologies and the power of citizen/community scientists to fill this data gap – starting with a focus on Sonoma County bird diversity. Soundscapes to Landscapes (S2L) is a science-based project that seeks to advance the monitoring of animal biodiversity across large areas using data from new Earth-observing sensors and advanced modeling. In this special presentation, we will hear from a panel of Soundscapes to Landscapes team members about their innovative approach and some of their findings thus far.

Source: Soundscapes to Landscapes – Audio Bird Monitoring –

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