Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 18, 2021

The insect apocalypse is more nuanced than it first appears

Anthropocene magazine reports to new studies reporting on the complexity of the disappearance of insects. Here are a few excerpts

New work suggests that the countryside can support a lot of insects, but a small variety. Meanwhile, cities have less vegetation, but a bigger variety of habitats.

In recent years, scientists have reported alarming declines of insect populations. It is a crash of both sheer volume and the number of species. In Germany, scientists four years ago reported the amount of insects in wildlife preserves fell by more than 70% over a 27-year time span. Two years later, scientists warned that nearly half of the world’s insect species could disappear in the “next few decades.”

The news isn’t all bad. Some types of insects in some parts of the world are faring better. For instance, aquatic insect numbers appear to be on the increase. But even scientists who saw this uptick found that land-based insects are in decline.

What’s less clear is the causes of this disappearance.

Read article at  The insect apocalypse is more nuanced than it first appears

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