Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 10, 2021

New plant names in Calflora

To maintain Calflora as a leading knowledge source to the status and distribution of California native and naturalized plants, we are continually adding new plants to our database. As new plants are discovered in California or new invasives move into the state, we regularly add them to our resources. Meanwhile, plant taxonomy is continually changing as well, as research reveals new or different plant relationships, often necessitating a plant name change.
Below are some recent additions; a longer list is here as an illustrated plant list.
Native plants:
Adiantum shastense Shasta adiantum
Antirrhinum mohavea Golden desert snapdragon
Erythranthe howaldiae (photo by Steve Matson)
Doellingeria glabrata Siskiyou aster
Hooveria purpurea var. reducta Camatta Canyon amole
Malacothamnus involucratus Carmel Valley bush mallow
Sedum kiersteadiae The Eddys stonecrop
Vaccinium ×brunoense San Bruno Mountain huckleberry
Non-native plants:
Alyssum corsicum yellowtuft
Phormium tenax New Zealand flax
Dipsacus laciniatus cutleaf teasel

Learn more at  new plant names in Calflora

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