Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 26, 2021

Calflora’s Updated Resource Site

Calflora has updated its website with new content and features
Our database includes over 3.1 million plant observations, covering over 10,000 different species. How can you explore such a vast library of content?
Are you curious about what plants grow in your favorite state park? Are you wondering about an interesting plant you noticed on a hike? What Grows Here? answers these and other related questions.
What types of native wild plants will grow in your backyard? To find out, you can use our Planting Guide. Just find your location on the map, check if you’re interested in low water plants, or plants that grow in shade, or riparian plants, and click “Search”. We’ll show you all the plants that fit your criteria. From there you can explore further details about each plant. Your garden will be looking better than ever!
Calflora includes detailed information on over 150 (and growing!) of the best places in the state to view wild plants. Go to the Great Places home page and you’ll find a map of California with a dot for each of these places to explore. We also show in which California Native Plant Society Chapter each place resides.
The classic Calflora interface: search for wild California plants by lifeform, duration, county, etc.
And if those options don’t provide just what you’re looking for, you can always dive deep on our Observation Search page. Here you can expore fully the rich trove of data that make up Calflora.

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