Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 22, 2021

Do Trees Talk?

Bay Nature has an article on how trees communicate with each other

When people say that trees “talk” to each other, that’s a concept that rests, in part, on an extraordinary and microscopic process that depends on arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, a distinct type of fungi and a subset of mycorrhizal relationships that form a very close and mutually beneficial relationship with plant roots. The fungi help take up important nutrients and water from the soil, passing them to plants in exchange for the sugars and fats plants make, thanks to photosynthesis. Weaving its way through soil and between root systems, an individual fungus can connect to many different plants and sometimes other fungi. In turn, each plant can connect with a variety of AM fungi at a time, creating what scientists call a “promiscuous relationship.” Picture that chain of connections growing in all directions and you realize there’s a massive and busy trading market just beneath our feet!

Read article at  Listen Closely, the Trees are Talking – Bay Nature

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