Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 8, 2021

East Bay Regional Parks Red Flag Warning

Red Flag Warning issued for East Bay Hills and Valleys from 11 PM Friday to 6 AM Monday due to high winds and dry conditions. If you visit Regional Parks this weekend, make sure you follow these park fire safety rules.
🔥 Barbecues and campfires are only permitted in designated day-use picnic areas, campgrounds, or developed recreational areas. Gas-fueled camp stoves are permitted.
🔥 All smoking is prohibited in Regional Parks. This includes pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. Vapor devices that release gas, particles or vapors into the air (“vaping”) are also prohibited, except for any USDA-approved medication.
🔥 Gasoline-powered generators are prohibited.
🔥 Do not drive or park your vehicle on dry grass areas. The heat from a vehicle’s undercarriage exhaust system can ignite a wildfire. Low-hanging chains that drag and create sparks can do the same.
🔥 Do not light an open outdoor fire on park property, except in park equipment designed for that purpose, such as barbecue stands and fire pits. On extreme fire days, no open fires or barbecues of any kind are allowed.
🔥 Be sure that all burning fuel such as wood or charcoal is completely extinguished, then dispose of it in the concrete ash receptacles designed for that purpose. Do not discard coals in regular garbage cans or refuse bins.
May be an image of text that says 'East Bay Regional Park District Red Flag Warning "Very High" Fire Danger'

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