Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 11, 2021

Small asteroid to pass very close on Sunday Night and Monday

EarthSky reports

A recently detected space rock will pass by our planet on Monday, April 12, 2021. It’ll come extremely close, far closer than geostationary satellites orbiting some 22,000 miles (35,786 km) above Earth. The small asteroid has been designated as 2021 GW4. It is estimated to be about 16 feet (5 meters) in diameter. It’s a small space rock, and there’s no risk of impact, astronomers say. NASA/JPL calculations indicate asteroid 2021 GW4 will pass at just 12,313 miles (19,816 km) from Earth’s surface, which is about 5% the Earth-moon distance.

The space rock is traveling at 18,706 miles per hour (30,104 km/h) or 8.36 kilometers per second, relative to Earth. The closest approach of asteroid 2021 GW4 will occur at about 13:00 UTC (during the day for the east coast of North America; translate UTC to your time) on Monday, April 12. Amateur astrophotographers might try to capture the space rock on Sunday night (April 11) as the asteroid will be passing very close to where we see the galaxy Messier 95, in the direction of the constellation Leo the Lion, as seen from our perspective.

Read more at Heads up! Small asteroid to pass very close on Monday | Space | EarthSky

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