Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 25, 2021

Resources to Stop Anti-Asian Hate

from Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Resources to #StopAAPIHate

The recent escalation in anti-Asian violence, hate crimes, and harassment is a tragedy and threat in the parks and everywhere. We’re sharing resources that will help parkgoers take action against anti-Asian violence in our community.



  1. If I recollect correctly, the 2007-08 financial crisis resulted in the biggest, and perhaps the most culpably corrupt, mainstream U.S. bankers NOT being criminally indicted but rather given their multi-million-dollar performance bonuses via taxpayer-funded bailout. Yet, the feds, in a classical cowardly move, only charged some high-level staff with a relatively small-potatoes Chinese-American community bank as a figurative sacrificial lamb that couldn’t really fight back and who looked different from most other Americans.

    (P.S. I’m curious as to whether the use of the term “Asian” is basically referring to people with East Asian heritage (which includes Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etcetera), or is it referring to all Asian nations and races? Doesn’t the Asian continent also include Middle Eastern countries, those of the Indian subcontinent, and even Russia in the north? To me, it’s needlessly imprecise thus confusing journalism.)


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