Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 18, 2021

March Nature News

from Wild Birds Unlimited

Nesting: March and April are the best months for the “dawn chorus,” the morning torrent of song that rises with the sun on each spring day as birds establish territories and display for potential mates. Some common backyard singers include robins, titmice, house finches, and goldfinches – visit our website to hear these birds and more. For some birds, singing is just the first stage in the nesting season and nest construction will wait until later in spring. But for cavity-nesting birds like titmice, chickadees, wrens, and bluebirds, the main event is already getting underway as nest sites are prepared for eggs and young.

Departures: March is the last month of full abundance for many of our winter birds, many of who will gradually depart to the north over the course of April. You’ll see the beginning of this movement among crowned sparrows and siskins in your yard towards the end of this month.

Arrivals: The small, rusty-sided Allen’s hummingbirds have arrived and can be seen at feeders or performing their back-and-forth display flights. The next earliest migrants are tree swallows and violet-green swallows, whose numbers are increasing every day around ponds and wetlands. Swallows catch huge numbers of insects and are very desirable birdhouse occupants! In the woods, orange-crowned and Wilson’s warblers appear in March, while the first hooded orioles are usually seen at nectar and jelly feeders towards the end of the month. There are more migrants to come!

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