Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 21, 2021

Taking Close Up Plant ID pictures with a Camera Phone 2/24/21

from Santa Clara CNPS
Taking Close Up Plant ID pictures with a Camera Phone  Wednesday, February 24, 2021 07:30pm

Plant identification in the field can be challenging, and capturing clear pictures of the parts of a plant that you’ll need for later identification can be a frustrating exercise. Dee Himes will show you how to take quality close-ups with an iPhone and ōlloclip® lens adapter, and help understand what features of plants are needed to identify a plant from pictures. You’ll never have to return home and be disappointed that your pictures are missing features or are too fuzzy to use.

Dee has been a CNPS member since the early 2000s, and served as our Chapter treasurer (2012- 2014) as well as field trip chair (2014-2016). She’s currently serving on both the state CNPS and our Chapter’s board of directors. Dee has a passion for horticulture and photography and combines this love by photographing plants in their natural environment.

How to attend: via Zoom (preregistration required)

Or watch live or later on our YouTube channel at: CNPSSantaClaraValley.

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