Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 20, 2021

Biden Administration Protects Desert Lands

Friends of the Inyo Commends Biden Administration’s Decision to Protect the DRECP, California Desert National Conservation Lands

In an announcement today, the Department of the Interior says it would put a stop to efforts by the previous administration to reopen the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP). Proposed changes would have rolled back key conservation protections, putting 2.2 million acres set aside for conservation at risk.

The following is a statement from Jora Fogg, Policy Director, Friends of the Inyo in response to this announcement:

“Friends of the Inyo extends our heartfelt thanks to the Biden Administration and the Department of the Interior for stopping this backhanded attempt to undermine the DRECP and open up the California Desert to more destructive development. Places like Conglomerate Mesa and Panamint Valley will remain permanently protected as Conservation Lands and existing areas identified as appropriate for Renewable Energy will help California combat climate change.”

Background on the DRECP:

The DRECP is a unique land use plan designed to strike a balance between conservation, recreation, and renewable energy development on public land. In January, the Trump administration proposed changes that would have stripped key conservation protections, opening millions of acres of land to be exploited by large-scale renewable energy projects and other extractive land use activities that would irreparably harm public access, iconic landscapes, and critical habitat. To learn more about the DRECP, visit


  1. I’m glad the desert is staying well-protected! I hadn’t learned of the DRECP until the previous presidency had tried to roll back some of the protections.
    Now I have to go check out that Mesa!

    (P.s.: I’m putting an article out next week that breaks down the whole plan, chapter by chapter. Keep an eye out!)


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