Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 7, 2021

Today is Superb Owl Sunday and You Can’t Tell Us Otherwise

from Audubon

Today is Superb Owl Sunday and You Can’t Tell Us Otherwise

While the rest of the nation eagerly anticipates the big game, Audubon sees today a little differently. By moving just one letter, today becomes Superb Owl Sunday—our favorite unofficial bird holiday.

Whether barred, snowy, or screech, owls are some of the most fascinating birds around. Big yellow eyes, razor-sharp beak and talons, and incredible camouflage skills. In fact, their ability to hide is so great that most birders rely on their signature call to identify who’s whooo.

Kick off your game day with this handy guide to 5 North American owl species and their most common calls. We promise you won’t fumble your next owl ID.

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