Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 1, 2021

Zoom Talk: Pacifica Habitats And The Stewards Restoring Them 2/4/21

Pacifica Habitats And The Stewards Restoring Them

February 4, THURSDAY @ 7:30 pm

Speaker: Lynn Adams, President, Pacifica Beach Coalition
Zoom registration here 
Pacifica has long been a mecca for activists protecting the environment.  From the preservation of Mori Point, Sweeney Ridge and Pedro Point Headlands to years of activism to ensure a tunnel was built and Montara Mountain saved, people have fought and given their time and money to protect Pacifica’s precious native habitats.  Pacificans willingly continue to pay for their open space and support restoration and preservation with their hearts and hands.

Lynn Adams will discuss projects and successes of the past decade: the transformation of Pedro Point Headlands from the denuded former motorcycle racetrack to a native plant refuge hosting a nearly intact coastal grassland, rare in the Bay Area; the restoration of a beach once covered in invasive iceplant and “CalTrans buckwheat” (Eriogonum parvifolium); and the transformation of the Linda Mar to Rockaway Coastal Trail to a revitalized native plant habitat.  Lynn attributes these successes to taking action to protect and restore open spaces, connecting people to the earth, engaging the public, and educating through experiences to create wildlife meccas.

Lynn Adams is the president of the Pacific Beach Coalition. She seeks to educate, inspire, and engage volunteers to learn about and restore natural systems and to take action to help the planet through conservation.  As former stewardship coordinator of the Pedro Point Headlands and lead organizer of the Pacific Beach Coalition restoration work, she has engaged thousands of volunteers to get their hands dirty and to make a lasting improvement to habitat near her Pacifica home.


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