Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 26, 2021

Homestead Valley Land Trust Wildflowers January 25, 2021

Homestead Valley has a new wildflower update. See photos and maps at January 25, 2021

– Bay laurel, one of the most common trees on Homestead’s north facing slopes, is blooming now with small yellow clusters that smell sweetly of vanilla.
– Fetid adder’s tongue, a lily, is blooming with small brownish flowers on the uphill slope beside the Homestead Trail between 14 and 13. Its leaves are still clustered around the blooms making them harder to spot. If you do see one, look around for more as they grow in colonies.
– Indian warrior is blooming with maroon flowers above and below the Homestead Trail at 15.
– Scotch broom*, native of Europe, is one of our most aggressive invasive plants. Occupying what would otherwise be meadows, it grows in dense thickets and is blooming now with yellow pea flowers.
– Trilium with its white flower floating in the center of three leaves is blooming in the ravine at 6e.


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