Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 18, 2021

A Bird Pandemic

As we are having a pandemic the birds are also currently having one of their own right now too. There has been a salmonella outbreak amongst birds all over the country. It is very deadly to them and kills within days. The infected birds typically are lethargic, unkempt appearance, and will let humans get closer than usual. Apparently it spreads easily amongst birds, especially finches, also Pine Siskins, where they congregate in groups at feeders and baths.  This disease can also spread to humans, but you can prevent it by doing what we normally do to fend off sickness by keeping clean, washing our hands, and cleaning feeders every once in a while.

Pay some attention if you see any bird at your feeder showing symptoms described in the article below. Take down you feeder immediately, clean it well.

For guidelines on how to clean your feeder got to 


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