Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 4, 2021

Support the Marin CNPS  to Oppose E-bikes on MMWD Lands

Support the Marin CNPS  to Oppose E-bikes on MMWD Lands

As E-bikes rise in popularity, Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) is considering allowing Class I E-bikes on the parts of their trail system where bikes are allowed – on fire roads. They have solicited input from the MMWD community with meetings and formed a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to address the issue. Marin CNPS has been following these meetings and opposes the use of E-bikes on MMWD lands beyond where other motor vehicles can travel.  Public comments by Conservation Chair Eva Buxton and Co-President David Long have pointed out potential E-bike threats to MMWD wildlands.

MMWD acknowledges there is clear evidence of construction of illegal trails and illegal bicycle usage of single-track trails throughout the Mt. Tamalpais watershed. These activities can impact wildlife, increase erosion and sedimentation of streams, introduce non-native/invasive species, and threaten special status plant and animal species and sensitive habitats. Wherever human powered mountain bikes go, E-bikes will follow. The threats to wildlands would be exacerbated by E-bikes which are heavier than regular bikes, have low-end torque, and can go faster. In addition, E-bikes allow riders to cover more distance on each trip, getting them to areas difficult for rangers to patrol.

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