Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 21, 2020

Will Jupiter and Saturn Appear as One Star in Tonight

EarthSky  reports on this once in a lifetime event that could explain the Christmas Star

Jupiter and Saturn – the 2 biggest planets in our solar system – are very close together on December 21. Will they look like one star? Some answers here. Plus, possible astronomical explanations for the Star of Bethlehem or Christmas star.

Will the planets Jupiter and Saturn appear as “one star” around the time of their great conjunction on December 21? Many are heralding them as a Christmas Star and comparing them to the Star of Bethlehem. Jupiter is the brightest starlike object in the evening sky now, and Saturn is as bright as the brightest stars. Jupiter and Saturn have been drawing closer and closer together. On December 21, 2020, they are separated by only 0.1 degree and visible from around the globe in the western twilight sky. They’re very close! But one star?

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