Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 27, 2020

Webinar: Native Wildflower Meadow 12/1/20

Register now for “A Stunning Visual Tour of Native Wildflower Meadows” Webinar with Rob Badger and Nita Winter on December 1,, one week from today! This is a partner program between Daily Acts, the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, The Habitat Corridor Project, and CNPS Milo Baker Chapter. It’s free and open to all.
Rob and Nita will take you behind the scenes on their 27-year journey capturing images of wildflowers throughout California using unique field techniques. For the budding photographer, this is an amazing chance to learn from the pros! Through a series of photographs and stories, they’ll seed inspiration for the astounding beauty of California wildflowers and native meadows.
Following the presentation, we will host a Q&A session for the authors and will be joined by additional guests April Owens of the Habitat Corridor Project and the California Native Plant Society and Allison Titus of the Laguna Foundation. After soaking up the mesmerizing beauty of native California flora, our panelists can answer questions about how you can design and install a native wildflower meadow as an alternative to high water-use landscapes.

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