Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 25, 2020

Virtual Gardening Programs & Resources

I recently watched a Zoom presentation, co-sponsored by the CNPS and the San Francisco Public Library, about Gardening for Butterflies and Pollinators in San Francisco.  The SFPL will also be Zooming a presentation called Shade Gardening with California Native Plants September 26 at  1pm. They also had an earlier presentation on Edible Native Fruits and Vegetables of SF.

They also sent out an outstanding list of resources for butterfly and pollinator gardening  Native Plant Books Databases Links
Here are the links to videos:
Gardening for SF’s Butterflies & Pollinators:
Edible Native Plants:
 Upcoming is a presentation on   Shade Gardening with in SF with Native Plants:

Reservations on Zoom required:

Click read more to see Shade Garden presentation description

Garden successfully in San Francisco using our local California native plants to benefit yourself and our local ecosystems. Local San Francisco native plants evolved to adapt to our local soils and climate, including many plants that thrive in shade because they evolved as understory plants beneath taller plants. We’ll discuss colorful and edible plants that thrive in shade in San Francisco, including shallow rooted plants that thrive in pots.
Susan Karasoff gardens in San Francisco’s clay soil. Susan is a member of the California Native Plant Society – Yerba Buena chapter. Susan brings an aerospace systems engineering approach to build resilient local ecosystems and an “only the easiest plants survive” approach to gardening. Susan grows a buffet of native edible and pollinator plants.

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