Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 19, 2020

National Moth Week 2020 broke several records

from National Moth Week

We’re happy to report that National Moth Week 2020 – our 9th annual – broke several records and attracted hundreds of new moth-ers.
With mothing one of the safest, most enriching activities that families and individuals could do in their own backyards during the pandemic, National Moth Week attracted 573 new participants among a total of 915 registrations – surpassing our previous high of 585 registrations. They were from 53 countries – another record. Joining us for the first time were Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Madagascar, Mauritania and Uganda. Once again, the U.S. and India had the most registered events.

While the majority of events were private in keeping with state and local pandemic regulations, many organizations created virtual mothing events through Zoom and traditional webinars. You can read about the Staten Island (NY) Museum’s Moth Night Discovery Kit, which was downloaded all over the US. Our blog also featured tips and videos on backyard mothing by our NMW Team member Carl Barrentine. Visit our blog page for informative blogs by our team members and guest bloggers.
Thousands of new photos have been uploaded to our Flickr group and our partner organizations, including iNaturalist, Bug Guide, Project Noah and many others.
Media articles on National Moth Week events and celebrations were carried all around the world and we were featured on many nature and environmental blogs. Among the highlights was the home page of the Bing search engine on July 18 dedicated to National Moth Week, a video interview with the E.O. Wilson Foundation’s Dennis Liu, an interview with Colin McEnroe on WNPR and a feature on the PBS Nature site.
We are proud to be one of the most widespread citizen science projects in the world, observed in over 90 countries and all 50 USA  states to date. Since it was established in 2012, National Moth Week has introduced thousands of people of all ages to the beauty and ecological importance of moths. We also have encouraged environmentalists, entomologists and other scientists to share their expertise with the wider public in order to encourage an appreciation for moths.
Within a few months, this year’s participants will receive a beautiful certificate via email designed by our artist and team member Belén Mena.
We are already making plans for National Moth Week 2021 – our Tenth Annual! We look forward to setting new records and introducing more people to mothing around the world! Don’t let anyone tell you moths aren’t beautiful!

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