Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 11, 2020

Carson Pass Station Probably Won’t Open This Year

Carson Pass Station reports
Carson Pass Station will most likely not open this season 🙁 if it does it will be on a limited basis. For camping inside Carson Pass Management Area (CPMA), 3 sites at Lake Winnemucca, 5 sites at Round Top Lake and 6 sites at Fourth of July Lake please call on the Monday prior to your visit (209) 268-0165
For other information you can call 209 259-3774 , or click on the link.
Overnight stays in the Mokelumne Wilderness outside of the CPMA, require a permit that you can fill out yourself at
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Carson Pass Station is operated by volunteers from the Eldorado National Forest Interpretive Association (ENFIA), a non-profit organization that works with the US Forest Service to enhance visitors’ experiences in the forest. We’ve been working with the USFS to determine when/if we can safely open the station, although, sadly, it’s looking like we will not be able to serve you there this season. At present, you can call the Amador Ranger District at 209-259-3774 to get information on the area. For permits to camp inside CPMA please call (209) 268-0165, For more information click on the Forest Service web site. For

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