Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 9, 2020

Animal Habitat Loss May Lead to More Disease – updated

NPR reports

More diseases that pass from animals to humans, such as COVID-19, are likely to emerge as animals lose their habitats, says a new United Nations report. But don’t stress about whether or not to give your dog the belly rub she has been asking for all day. The animals most likely to harbor zoonotic diseases are rodents, bats, carnivores and nonhuman primates, with livestock acting as a bridge for transmission between the animal hosts and humans. OK, so maybe don’t pet the family cow, pig or sheep until after the pandemic.

Source for post was Animal Habitat Loss May Lead to More Disease – NPR

For more on this issue at CNBC Wildlife habitat destruction and deforestation will cause more deadly pandemics like coronavirus, scientists warn

at ScienceDaily Habitat loss linked to global emergence of infectious disease


  1. Hello, Sandy First, I very much appreciate the issues you bring to the attention of your followers!!!! It is rare to find a person with your deep concern and knowledge of so many important (critical) issues to publicly advocate and carry the news to others.!!! Please could you show the link to the NPR report you feature in the email below? Thank you. Sylva BlackstoneConsulting ArboristLos Angeles


    • Thanks for your comment. I have updated the original article with a number of new links.


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