Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 25, 2020

Act to Protect the Mono Basin

from the Mono Lake Committee

Mono County Board of Supervisors hearing on Tioga Inn project

Next Monday the Mono County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to consider the Tioga Inn project and its permanent adverse impacts on the Mono Basin. Their vote will determine if the project is approved, modified, or denied.

As you know because you have previously commented on this project, residents, agencies, and the public have offered many good suggestions for reducing the project’s impacts. However, the developer rejected meaningful changes to the project, and the significant adverse impacts remain in the proposal going to the Board.

The Supervisors are being asked to approve a project that damages the scenic nature of the Mono Basin, compromises the safety of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, stretches the capacity of local schools and the volunteer fire department, and saddles the Lee Vining Community and Mono County taxpayers with impacts and financial burdens that should be the responsibility of the developer.

Please comment one more time:

Show up for the Board of Supervisors meeting at 9:00am on Monday, June 29 via Zoom videoconference and comment to share your concerns about the project.

You can attend in person at Suite Z (Board Chambers) in the Minaret Village Mall at 437 Old Mammoth Road, Second Floor (above the Vons Pharmacy) in Mammoth Lakes. To ensure social distancing you must reserve your seat.

If you cannot attend the meeting, please distill your comment to 250 words or less and email it to the County by 5:00pm this Friday, June 26.

Mono County can, and must, do better. You can review detailed analysis of the project on our website. Please plan to attend the meeting next week as we make one final effort to communicate the extent of our concerns to the elected officials who will decide this project’s fate.

Thank you,

Geoffrey McQuilkin

Geoff McQuilkin
Executive Director

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