Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 6, 2020

East Bay Regional Parks: COVID-19 Park and Trail Updates

From the East Bay Regional Parks
  • Sunol, Coyote Hills, Rienhart Redwood – Redwood Road Entrance, MLK Jr. – Doolittle North Staging Area, Leona Canyon – Canyon Oaks Drive Park Entrance will be reopening Saturday, May 9, 2020.
  • The Briones – Bear Creek Staging Area will be opening Monday, May 11, 2020.
  • Mission Peak Stanford Avenue Staging Area to remain closed until May 31 by mandate of the City of Fremont. The Park District had planned to reopen the staging area May 5 with the return of restroom and trash service. We are disappointed that the City of Fremont has chosen to force the closure of the park access point when residents need it most for fresh air, exercise, and stress relief.
  • Many Restrooms supporting trail use reopened on Monday, May 4. Wash stations or hand sanitizer may not always be available so visitors should bring their own. Health Department-approved PPE has been distributed to park staff for cleaning of restrooms, including cloth masks, KN95 masks, gloves, and coveralls.
  • Restrooms supporting picnic areas and group activities remain closed as those activities are not permitted in accordance with state and local “Shelter in Place” orders.
  • Trash pickup has resumed in all parks. Thank you to all park staff for your commitment to health and public safety.
  • The above parks, park entrances, and staging areas had been closed temporarily due to limited staffing and to limit overcrowding. Park visitation and use will continue to be monitored closely, with closure possible due to overcrowding.

Learn more about the East Bay Regional parks at EBRPD – COVID-19 Park and Trail Updates

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