Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 23, 2020

Why Are Some Parks Closed But Not Others? 

Bay Nature  reports

What you’re allowed to do right now isn’t that different, no matter where in the Bay Area you live — except with parks and open spaces. When it comes to exercise in nature, access and policy diverges widely. Sonoma and San Mateo have fully closed all parks within the county. Marin has closed all of its parking lots, and many parks, but not all of its open space preserves. San Francisco has closed parking lots, but its parks remain open. Individual cities in Alameda County have followed different policies, and the East Bay Regional Park District has closed some parking lots and some parks on some days, while keeping 69 of its 73 parks open. California State Parks has followed local guidance, fully closing its parks in San Mateo and Sonoma while closing only parking lots at Samuel P. Taylor, Mount Diablo and Henry Coe. It’s a dizzying array of rules.

Read more at : Why Are Some Parks Closed But Not Others? – Bay Nature

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