Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 3, 2020

More Virtual Nature Viewing

Bay Nature lists more ways to interact with nature from home while sheltering in place

Virtual WildCare: Daily Wildlife Videos
From WildCare | Online
While WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital is still admitting injured and orphaned animals, their Courtyard and Museum have closed to the public. To continue their nature education work, WildCare is sharing inspiring daily videos of their Wildlife Ambassadors. Visit their Virtual WildCare video archive, or tune in weekdays at 1pm on Facebook for a live, close-up look at local wildlife.

Virtual Visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium
From Monterey Bay Aquarium | Online
Experience the Aquarium online! Monterey Bay Aquarium offers numerous ways to engage with their exhibits virtually.  Explore animals A to Z, ocean habitats, amazing animal stories, and relaxing marine videos. Or tune in to their Live Cams to watch birds, jellyfish, kelp forests, sea otters, and more! Breathe in, breathe out, click play and enjoy.

Citizen Science Initiative for COVID-19
From UC San Francisco | Online App
At Bay Nature, we’ve reported on the power of citizen science to advance our understanding of nature through platforms like iNaturalist.  A new citizen science initiative by UCSF physician-scientists will allow anyone in the world to advance understanding of the novel coronavirus.  If enough “citizen scientists” upload information though the app, data-crunching researchers could gain valuable insight into COVID-19.

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