Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 24, 2020

Electra Road Jackson CA and the New Melones Lake Area Wildflowers 3/24/20

Wildflowers report from Daniel in Sacramento

Electra Road Jackson CA and the New Melones Lake Area Wildflowers

Daniel reports: I started the day by first going to Electra Road in Jackson CA and was surprised to see a decent amount of poppies but mostly up on the hillside. The flowers were mostly closed due to the overcast weather but there appears to be a good amount of small poppies in the process of growing out. The view should be better in 1 or 2 weeks. There was a decent amount of patches for the first 2 miles up until the first bathroom. After that there are a few more spots with the last potential good area forming just past the dam. During the super bloom years the grass just took over most of this area. This year’s bloom has the potential to be better than the decent bloom I saw for this spot in 2018. There are also a couple of pullouts on Highway 49 just north of Electra Road where you could stop briefly to see the poppies in the distance up on the hillsides. A reminder that Electra is a narrow paved road that has a lot of small pot holes traveling parallel to the Mokelumne River.

Normally I would combine this trip to Electra Road with a visit to Daffodil Hill, or to the nearby wineries, or the seafood lobster buffet at Jackson Rancheria Casino which are all currently closed. So I decided to try a new wildflowers hiking location further south.

The GoCalaveras website recommended this location so I decided to explore the New Melones Lake Glory Hole Recreation Area in Angels Camp with an $8 day use fee. I would say there is a decent to good amount of poppies growing on the hillside on the western half of the Angels Creek Trail. If you prefer the scenic lakeside and wildflowers view I would recommend at the halfway point turning around and going back the way you came instead of completing the trail loop. The eastern half of Angles Creek Trail doesn’t really have much wildflowers because it goes back inland into forest area which run parallel to the road back to the different parking lots. The total hike was about a relatively easy 2.5 miles.

I parked at the Buck Bush Use Day area intending to start with the Buck Bush Loop Trail but accidentally turned left at the trailhead which went south to the Angels Creek Trail. At the next trail intersection I realized I was on the wrong trail but instead of turning around I decided to turn right to continue on the lakeside western half of Angels Creek Trail going from north to south. Some of these trail intersections don’t have signs so you need to look at the trail map or google maps on your phone to help you to stay on your intended path. Once I got back to the original trailhead entrance, this time I went right to explore the Buck Bush Loop Trail but besides one small spot of poppies, I did not see many wildflowers on this trail. It is possible there are other areas of New Melones Lake that has wildflowers but even at Angels Creek Trail the poppies are mixed in good with the thick grass so it would be hard to spot if looking from a far distance away. Website link below.

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