Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 7, 2020

Enjoy Don’t Destroy The Wildflowers

from the Thrillist

It would be nice if we could simply collectively enjoy one of nature’s most spectacular displays without endeavoring to kill it, but unfortunately there is something about the pollen and saturated colors and lure of Instagram clout that makes people forget how to act. For the past several years, Instagram influencers in particular have prompted tens of thousands to seek whimsical profile pics of drowning in poppies. Just out of the frame: the mangled swaths of all the flowers they’ve uprooted and crushed, and the hordes of other tourists doing the exact same thing. Last year two enterprising and depraved visitors landed an actual helicopter in the fields, but don’t think it takes something that extreme to cause serious damage. Flowers are delicate! The damage you — just you, one single individual person — inflict from not sticking to the trail can mar the growth for years.

Read more at Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve: Best Time to Visit & What Trails to Hit – Thrillist

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