Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 6, 2020

Wildflowers around California 3/6/20 updated

Recent postings for wildflower sighting in California. Go to each site to see photos and older postings.

Botanical Wanderings – California

  • Fritillaria species #5 for this weird spring season. Adobe lily, Fritillaria pluriflora. CNPS rank 1B.2 (very rare). Found only in California. This is in the Knoxville Wildlife Area, eastern Napa county
  • More California fawn-lilies (Erythronium californicum) blooming yesterday morning (3/4/20) Clover Springs Preserve

California Wildflower Tipline

  • Perfect timing for poppies, lupine and fiddlenecks in Knight’s Ferry today (3/5/20)
  • 3/4/20. A variety of wildflowers just starting to come out on Bolinas Ridge Crest Trail above Stinson Beach in Marin: Trillium, Paintbrush, Morning glories, daffodils (!), Calla Lillies near the beach, many more…
  • The Vineyards in Porter Ranch.

Marin CNPS

  • Ring Mountain photos

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