Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 2, 2020

Desert Wildflower Updates: Death Valley, Carrizo Plain & Amboy Area

DesertUSA has the following updates. Photos and more reports at DesertUSA

  • Death Valley – March 1, 2020 Afraid there is still little in the way of a bloom to report from DVNP lower elevations and what there is, is very sparse. Best area was on Badwater Rd. around the Ashford Mill ruins. Only concentration I saw of Desert Sunflower (not very high or thick) with a little Sand Verbena and a couple of Five Spots barely blossoming. Around Morman Point, some Creosote is starting to bloom. Rest of the way up to Badwater very spotty Desert Sunflower. Some yellow and blue color right along Furnace Creek Rd (Hwy 190) from around Zebriskie down to the Oasis. Did see some small areas of green that was not yet blooming, so maybe still some hope.
  • Carrizo Plain 2/25/20 in the valley. Small fields blooming but no carpets so far. A lot of yellow flowers- gold fields and hillside daisy . Only Phacelia found was at lake Phacelia. Milk vetch and owls clover are about to be blooming. Could be an okay year but not good or great.
  • Amboy Area – March 1, 2020Some wildflower on North Amboy Road south of Amboy. Also some wildflowers along Kelbaker Road.

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